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Classic Matches

March 15, 1967: Jim Hady Dethrones Ripper Collins

Photos by George Beppu. Courtesy of Dan Westbrook.

Jim Hady of Detroit won the Hawaiian heavyweight wrestling championship belt last night from Ripper Collins at the Civic Auditorium. Following the match, Curtis ‘The Bull' Iaukea came into the ring to challenge Hady for the belt and succeeded in getting himself fined $100 for entering illegally.

In the opening match, newcomer Paul Diamond took two out of three falls from Kongozan.

Hans Mortier vs Karl Gotch

Hans Mortier and Karl Gotch dueled to a draw in the second preliminary event with Mortier taking the first fall with a series of knee drops and Gotch the second fall with a reverse leg lock, before time ran out on the match.

Karl Gotch attempts a bridge pin on gold-helmeted Hans Mortier.

In the next bout, Johnny Barend took a one fall match with a body press on Dean Higuchi. Higuchi missed a flying body block and knocked his head on the ropes to give Barend an easy win in 5:29.

Curtis Iaukea vs The Masked Executioner

Before the main event, Iaukea won a scheduled match with the Masked Executioner. After unmasking his foe, Curtis Iaukea won the match when the Executor was counted out of the ring as he ran into locker room, all the while hiding his face.

Curtis Iaukea holds the Masked Executioner's mask after having unmasked his opponent.

Ripper Collins vs Jim Hady

Jim Hady defeated Ripper Collins to win the Hawaiian Championship Belt before a full house at the old Civic Auditorium.

Hady and Collins battle outside the ring.

Hady delivers a haymaker on Collins' chin.
March 15, 1967

Jim Hady applies the Octopus submission hold on Collins.

Jim Hady raises Hawaiian Championship belt.

Jim Hady proudly displays the Ring Magazine Hawaiian Championship Belt after soundly defeating Ripper Collins.
March 15, 1967
Classic Matches History Wrestlers Results Collectibles