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Classic Matches


Apr 2Freddie Blassie vs. Hard Boiled Haggerty


Jul 27Haystacks Calhoun, Stevens, & Patterson vs. Gorilla Monsoon, Barend, & Collins.
Aug 20Two Wrestling Cards on the Same Night.
Sep 20Grand Parade of Champions- 6-Man Tag Team Battle - New
Oct 19Grudge Grudge Grudge: Handsome Johnny Barend vs The Missing Link
Nov 30U.S. Championship: Handsome Johnny Barend vs The Missing Link
Dec 25Johnny Barend vs Ripper Collins


Jan 25Grand Parade of Champions
Feb 8Johnny Barend vs Jim Hady- LumberJack Match
Mar 1U.S. Championship: Johnny Barend vs. Curtis Iaukea
Mar 15Jim Hady Dethrones Ripper Collins
Apr 26Triple Title Defense at the HIC Arena
May 3Hawaiian Tag Team Championship
May 10Grudge Match- Johnny Barend vs Hans Mortier
May 17Four men locked in a steel cage.
Jun 14Tag Team Championship & the Mighty Midgets Headline HIC Card
Jun 28Curtis Iaukea vs. Don Leo Jonathan
Jul 19Jim Hady vs. Pat Patterson for the Hawaiian Title
Aug 9Kathy Starr vs Jessica Rogers: US Women's Championship
Sep 6Six Man Tag Team Battle with Haystack
Sep 13United States Championship: Curtis Iaukea vs Cowboy Bill Watts
Sep 208 Man Tag Team Match
Sep 27Hawaiian Tag Team Championship & Johnny Barend's Wedding
Oct 18Victor the Wrestling Bear
Nov 226 Man Tag- Kowalski, Shibuya, Poffo vs Hady, Barend, & White Wolf
Nov 29Tag Team Matches at the HIC Arena
Dec 25Johnny Barend vs. Curtis Iaukea


Jan 3Jim Hady vs. Kenji Shibuya
Jan 10The Return of the Missing Link
Jan 17Johnny Barend vs. Jim Hady
Feb 7Riot Squad Inc.
Feb 14Hawaiian Championship: Jim Hady vs. Big Bill Miller
Feb 21Barend & Collins vs. Hady & The Missing Link
Mar 20US Championship Barend vs Wright
Apr 3Riot at the Civic Auditorium
Apr 10Lady Wrestlers in a Tag Team Thriller
Apr 24Jim Hady wins the United States Championship
May 15Six Man Tag Team Elimination Match
May 29The Mighty Midgets and the Hole in Ripper's Head
Jun 5Checkers & Pogo and The Mighty Midgets at the Civic
Jun 12Ray Stevens vs. Jim Hady
Jul 2Championship Night
Jul 31Johnny Barend & Magnificent Maurice vs Jim Hady & Curtis Iaukea
Aug 21Cage of Revenge
Aug 28Indian Death Match- Chief Billy White Wolf vs Johnny Barend
Sep 4Collins vs Hady: Pier 9 Brawl
Oct 9Hawaiian Championship Match: Graham vs Klondike - New
Nov 27World Championship Match: Kiniski vs Hady - New


Feb 19North American Championship: Kiniski vs Tanaka
Mar 12Texas Death Match at the Civic Auditorium
Mar 26Triple Main Event at the HIC
Apr 16Curtis Iaukea vs Gene Kiniski
Apr 30Hawaiian Tag Team Championship ReMatch
May 7International Battle Royal
May 21Hawaiian Championship- Iaukea vs Morales
Jun 11Ripper Collins vs. Bobby Shane/Handicap Match
Jun 18North American Championship Match
Jul 9Pedro Morales vs Gene Kiniski- North American Championship Rematch
Jul 16Cage Match at the Civic Auditorium
Jul 30Curtis Iaukea vs. Gorilla Monsoon
Aug 27Worlds Championship Match at the HIC Arena
Aug 13Hawaiian Championship
Sep 24Pedro Morales vs. Curtis Iaukea
Oct 15Ed Francis vs. Ripper Collins in a Non-Sanctioned Match
Nov 12Hawaiian Tag Team Championship Match
Nov 26Pedro Morales vs. The Sheik; Plus: The Return of Handsome Johnny Barend
Dec 25Christmas Night at the Honolulu International Center Arena


Jan 216 Man Tag Team Action with Haystacks Calhoun
Feb 18World Championship Match- Barend vs Funk Jr.
Mar 14Pedro Morales attacks Johnny Barend on KGMB TV
Mar 25Sicilian Stretcher Death Match
May 13Cage Championship Match- Morales & Lee vs Barend & Collins - New
Jun 10Ripper Collins vs Sam Steamboat
Jun 24Barend vs The Sheik: Battle of the Century
July 15Dory Funk Jr. vs Ripper Collins
Sep 9Grudge Match- Ripper Collins vs Friday Allman


Feb 6Saturday Night Mat Action at the Civic
Mar 13AWA World Championship- Gagne vs Vachon - New
May 29Bearcat & Haystack vs Collins & Maddog
Sep 29Curtis Iaukea vs Maddog Mayne
Oct 16Iaukea vs Mayne Chain Match
Oct 27Maddog Mayne vs. Ed Francis
Nov 27Double Tag Team Title Defense at the Civic
Dec 8North American Championship- Barend vs Siki - New


Jan 29Ed Francis vs Maddog Vachon for the Hawaiian Championship
Feb 5Pier 9 Brawl-Barend vs Siki - New
Feb 16The Sheik & Sweet Daddy Siki vs. Johnny Barend & Bobo Brazil
Feb 19Sweet Daddy Siki and Maddog Mayne vs. Ed & Billy Francis
Feb 2610-Man Tag Team Match
Mar 8World Championship Match- Barend vs Funk Jr.
Mar 11Last Card at the Civic Auditorium
May 3The Sheik vs Bobo Brazil- No Disqualification
Jun 14Sam Steamboat vs. Freddie Blassie
Jul 12International All Star Wrestling
Jul 26Barend vs Blassie for the North American Title
Aug 30Johnny Barend's Last Match in Hawaii
Sep 20Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens vs. Pedro Morales and Wahoo McDaniel


Sep 26Giant Tag Thriller


Jan 9AWA World Tag Team Title Defense


Jan 15Mainland Wrestlers Invade the Honolulu International Center - New


April 26AWA World Championship Bockwinkel vs Martell
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