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October 9, 1968: Hawaiian Championship Match

Luke Graham vs Klondike Bill

Photos by George Beppu. Courtesy of Dan Westbrook.

Crazy Luke Graham

On October 9, 1968, promoter Ed Francis presented a Hawaiian Championship match featuring champion 400lbs. Klondike Bill going against Crazy Luke Graham.

The second main event on this card was a tag team thriller between Handsome Johnny Barend and his tag team partner the Magnificent Maurice against Peter Maivia and Lord Tallyho Blears. This card was held at the old Civic Auditorium on King St. in Honolulu.

In addition, there were 3 "Special Event" matches on the card: Chief Billy White Wolf vs Tosh Togo, Pat Barrett vs Kongozan, and Ripper Collins vs Jim Hady.

White Wolf vs Tosh Togo

The night's first "Special Event" match saw Chief Billy White Wolf defeat Tosh "Goldfinger" Togo in a one fall match.

Jim Lathrop announces Tosh Togo, of the James Bond movie "Goldfinger" fame. Tosh wears his signature derby hat that he wore in the movie.

White Wolf attempts an Abdominal Stretch as Tosh struggles to block it.

White Wolf about to introduce Tosh Togo to his "Oklahoma Crusher."

Pat Barrett vs Kongozan

The night's second "Special Event" match was between Irish Pat Barrett and local favorite Kongozan. Barrett managed a win over Kongozan in this one fall match.

Oct 9, 1968

Klondike Bill accompanies Pat Barrett(back to camera) for his match with Kongozan.

Pat Barrett about to Knee Drop Kongozan.

Jim Hady vs Ripper Collins

The night's third "Special Event" match was between long time foes "Gentleman" Jim Hady and "King" Ripper Collins. Hady and Collins wrestled to a draw.

Jim Hady about to Body Slam Ripper Collins.

Hady Drop Kicks Collins.

Hady stuns Collins with an elbow.

The Ripper works over Hady outside the ring as referee Wally Tsutsumi attempts to regain order.

Johnny Barend and The Magnificent Maurice vs Peter Maivia and Lord Tallyho Blears

The Tag Team Thriller saw Handsome Johnny Barend and his long time partner The Magnificent Maurice defeated Peter Maivia and Lord Tallyho Blears in a one fall match. Maurice (Gene Dubuque) would later die in plane crash in 1974.

Magnificent Maurice approaches as Lord Blears tries to help his partner Peter Maivia from outside the ring. Johnny Barend looks on from a distance.

Maivia and Maurice tests each other's strength.

Peter Maivia works over Johnny Barend from outside the ring.

Klondike Bill vs Crazy Luke Graham

The main event was for the Hawaiian Championship Belt between Champion Klondike Bill and "Crazy" Luke Graham. Graham took two out of three falls from Klondike Bill to win the match.

However, it was brought to the attention of the referee that Ripper Collins interfered in the match, causing Graham to win the third and deciding fall. Graham was not awarded the Hawaiian Championship Belt.

Luke Graham bites the face of Klondike Bill.

Graham applies the Neck Breaker on Klondike Bill.

The fans Boo and Jeer "Crazy" Luke Graham outside the ring.

Klondike Bill Body Slams Graham.

Luke Graham holds the Hawaiian Championship Belt up high thinking he has just won the title. However, it was taken away from him because he had outside help from Ripper Collins.

Pat Barrett aids a fallen Klondike Bill after the match.
Oct 9,1968
Classic Matches History Wrestlers Results Collectibles