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Classic Matches

November 12, 1969: Hawaiian Tag Team Championship

Photos by George Beppu. Courtesy of Dan Westbrook.

On November 12, 1969, promoter Ed Francis presented Civic Auditorium wrestling card that featured a Hawaiian Tag Team Championship match as the main event.

The Missing Link vs Karl von Steiger

The second match of the night featured The Missing Link aka Pampero Firpo vs Karl von Steiger. The match ended in a draw.

Karl Von Steiger dropkicks The Missing Link from behind.

Kurt Von Steiger atop The Missing Link.

Don Leo Jonathan vs Kurt von Steiger

The next match was between Don Leo Jonathan aka "The Mormon Giant" vs Kurt von Steiger, the other half of the Steiger brothers.

Don Leo Jonathn defeated Kurt Steiger.

Don Leo Jonathan coming down the aisle.

Don Leo Jonathan arms stretched out for Kurt Von Steiger.

Don Leo Jonathan gives a big kick to Kurt Von Steiger.

Don Leo Jonathan grabs Kurt Von Steiger off turnbuckle.

Don Leo Jonathan about to unload on Kurt Von Steiger.

Don Leo Jonathan's roundhouse right takes Kurt Von Steiger off his feet.

Kurt Von Steiger kicks Don Leo Jonathan.

Don Leo Jonathan has Kurt Von Steiger in his Mormon Sickle.

Main Event: Hawaiian Tag Team Championship match.
Curtis Iaukea & Ripper Collins vs Pedro Morales & Hahn Lee

Champions Ripper Collins and Curtis "the Bull" Iaukea went up against challengers Pedro Morales and Hahn Lee.

Time ran out and the match ended in a draw. Collins and Iaukea retained their Hawaiian Tag Team Championship Belts.

Ripper Collins shows off the Hawaiian Tag belts to crowd.

Ripper Collins in ring wearing both Hawaiian Tag belts with his man Friday.

Curtis Iaukea complains to the referee about Hahn Lee's hair pulling.

Hahn Lee has Arm Lock on Curtis Iaukea.

Pedro Morales mounts Curtis Iaukea.

Curtis Iaukea grasps Hahn Lee's head.

Hahn Lee pummels Curtis Iaukea.
November 12, 1969

Hahn Lee holds Curtis Iaukea while Pedro Morales lands upon him.

Hahn Lee moves from under Curtis Iaukea.

Pedro Morales slams Curtis Iaukea.
Novembeer 12, 1969
Classic Matches History Wrestlers Results Collectibles