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Classic Matches

September 6, 1967: Six Man Tag Team Battle with Haystack

Photos by George Beppu. Courtesy of Dan Westbrook.

A six-man tag team match featuring 600lb+ Haystack Calhoun highlighted the night's pro wrestling card before some 3500 fans at Honolulu Civic Auditorium.

Eric Frolich opened the evening's card with a reverse roll and press pin victory over Catalina Drake.

Tank Morgan vs Nick Kozak

325-pound Tank Morgan won an abbreviated one-fall decision over Nick Kozak when time ran out.

Tank Morgan vs Nick Kozak.

Cowboy Bill Watts vs Harry Fujiwara

Cowboy Bill Watts took a straight falls win over Fujiwara, who was disqualified on the first fall for using a karate punch, then succumbed to a running splash pin.

Bill Watts vs Mr. Fuji.

Iaukea-Collins-Schultz vs Hady-Calhoun-Barend
Six Man Tag Team Battle

The team of Ripper Collins, Dutch Schultz, and Curtis Iaukea rumbled to victory when Johnny Barend was disqualified for attempting to use Haystack Calhoun's lucky chain as a weapon, giving the decisive third fall to the Iaukea, Collins, & Schultz trio.

Haystack Calhoun comes down aisle.

Jim Hady signs autographs in ring.

Dutch Schultz and Curtis Iaukea talk over pre-match strategy.

Dutch Schultz in action with Haystack Calhoun.

Haytsack Calhoun slams Dutch Schultz in ring.

Haystack Calhoun pounds Dutch Schultz in corner.

Calhoun wins the fall and sits on a downed Iaukea as Jim Hady watches.

Calhoun grabs Iaukea by the hair.

Curtis Iaukea hides in the corner from Johnny Barend.

Ripper Collins works over Johnny Barend in the corner with Curtis Iaukea.

Dutch Schultz interferes as Jim Hady applies Sleeper Hold on Iaukea.
September 6, 1967

Haytsack Calhoun and Jim Hady slam Dutch Schultz and Ripper Collins in the corner.

Jim Hady tags in to continue Calhoun's wolloping of Collins.

Hady works over Collins after making the tag with Calhoun.
September 6, 1967
Classic Matches History Wrestlers Results Collectibles