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Classic Matches

April 26, 1978: World Championship Match

Photos by George Beppu. Courtesy of Dan Westbrook.

In July 1974, promotor Ed Francis shut down his wrestling promotion for nearly 3 years. Starting in June 1977, Francis restarted his wrestling promotions with weekly cards at Pearl Harbor's Bloch Arena. He also presented a weekly card every other week on Maui and the Big Island. In addition, he scheduled a once a month card at the now renamed Neil Blaisdell Center Arena (old name: Honolulu International Central Arena). Francis also used a 1 hr wrestling show called Wrestling Hawaii, which aired on Friday nights, to promote his upcoming cards.

In the opening match, Buddy Rose battled Russ Francis to a draw. The first main event match was for the Hawaiian Heavyweight Title in which George Wells defeated John Anson thereby becoming the new Hawaiian Heavyweight Champion.

Steve Strong & Chris Markoff vs Bill & Russ Francis

The next main event was for the Hawaiian Tag Team Championship featuring Steve Strong and Chris Markoff going against the brothers Bill & Russ Francis.

Result: The Francis Brothers defeated Strong & Markoff.

Chris Markoff clubs partner Steve Strong with his stick by mistake.

Chief Billy White Wolf vs Tor Kamaka

The third main event was an Indian Death Match featuring Chief Billy White Wolf against Tor Kamaka.

Result: Chief Billy White Wolf defeated Tor Kamaka. In the contract, if Kamaka lost the match, he would be forced to kiss White Wolf’s foot in the middle of the ring. But Tor Kamaka refused and instead attacked White Wolf. Because of this, promotor Ed Francis set up a future LOSER LEAVE TOWN match between the two wrestlers, which Kamaka won thus forcing White Wolf to leave Hawaii.

White Wolf sits in the chair with his boot off in anticipation of Tor Kamaka coming over and kissing his foot.

White Wolf gets up from his chair after Tor Kamaka refuses to kiss his foot as a result of losing the match.

Kamaka knocks White Wolf over his chair.

...and attacks him.

A KGMB-TV camera man catches the action.

White Wolf shaken up after Kamaka's attack.

George Wells and referee Nolan Rodrigues talk to White Wolf, who is still holding the "Death Match" chain.

Ed Francis vs Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

The next main event was a Pier 9 Brawl between Ed Francis and Bobby Heenan where both wrestlers would wear boxing gloves. The match was scheduled to go 10 two minute rounds.

Result: Ed Francis defeated Bobby Heenan via disqualification.

Ed Francis in a Pier 9 Brawl with Bobby Heenan.

Nick Bockwinkel vs Rick Martel

The featured match of the evening was for the World's Heavyweight Championship with champion Nick Bockwinkel defending his AWA World Title against Rick Martel. The result of the match was Martel defeating Bockwinkel via a disqualification when Bockwinkel's manager Bobby Heenan interfered in the match. Promoter Ed Francis ordered a re-match the following month at the Blaisdell Arena where Bobby Heenan would be locked in a cage at ringside. That re-match can be found on you tube at:

Nick Bockwinkel enters the ring wearing his AWA World Championship Belt.

Bockwinkel Pile Drives Martel.

Nick Bockwinkel yanks Martel's legs from outside the ring.

Rick Martel sends Nick Bockwinkel in orbit after landing a powerful punch.

Bockwinkel Backflips Martel.
April 4, 1978

Rick Martel applies the Abdominal Stretch on Bockwinkel.

Rick Martel about to take Nick Bockwinkel for a ride with the Airplane Spin.
April 4, 1978
Classic Matches History Wrestlers Results Collectibles