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Classic Matches

Mainland Wrestlers Invade the the Honolulu International Center
January 15, 1975

Photos by George Beppu. Courtesy of Dan Westbrook.

in July of 1974, promoter Ed Francis closed his Wrestling promotions for the next three years. Starting in December 1974 KIKU television channel 13 starting airing a one hour wrestling show out of the San Francisco Bay Area every Saturday afternoon to promote upcoming shows in Hawaii.

Only two shows ever took place, the first on December 25, 1975, and the last was held on January 15, 1975. The newspapers published no results from either show. Please enjoy the following shows, if you do have results please contact our web site and will we put the results up.

This second card was held on Wednesday, January 15, 1975 at the Honolulu International Center Arena in Honolulu. It was advertised as "Big Time Wreslting." The Double Main Event consisted of a 6-Man Tag Team match and a US Title match between champion Peter Maivia and challenger Moon Dog Mayne. Opening matches included Earl Maynard (Mr. Universe) versus The Brute and Reno Tuufuli versus Rick Hunter.

6-Man Tag Team Match
Pat Patterson, Raoul Mata, & Mr. Wrestling vs Kurt Von Brauner, Karl Von Brauner, & Gerhardt Kaiser

The night's first main event was a 6-man tag team match which saw Pat Patterson, Raoul Mata, & Mr. Wrestling going against Kurt von Brauner, Karl von Brauner, & Gerhardt Kaiser.

Raoul Mata, Pat Patterson, and Mr. Wrestling enter the ring.

Raoul Mata flexes his arms.

Pat Patterson.

Kurt and Karl Von Brauner.

Pat Patterson and Mr. Wrestling.

Peter Maivia vs Moon Dog Mayne

The night's second main event was a No Disqualification match between champion Peter Maivia and challenger Moon Dog Mayne for the US Title.

Both wrestlers had seen extensive action in Hawaii for many years under previous promoter Ed Francis. Peter Maivia was previously billed as a relative of Neff Maiava, aka "Prince Maiava," a well known wrestling pioneer and local resident. Moon Dog Mayne was better known in Hawaii as "Mad Dog" Mayne.

Jan 15, 1975

Moon Dog Mayne is introduced.

Moon Dog and Maivia battle in the corner.

Peter Maivia about to throw Mayne into the turnbuckle.

A bloody Moon Dog Mayne.

Maivia stomps on Mayne.

Moon Dog Mayne tied up in the ropes.

Mayne about to land an elbow drop on Maivia.

Moon Dog on the mat.

Moon Dog Mayne, down and out.
Jan 15, 1975
Classic Matches History Wrestlers Results Collectibles