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Classic Matches

AWA World Championship, Gagne vs Vachon

March 13, 1971

Photos by George Beppu. Courtesy of Dan Westbrook.

On March 13, 1971, promoter Ed Francis presented a double main event featuring World's Championship and Hawaiian Championship matches. The highlight of the evening saw AWA World's champion Verne Gagne defend his title against Canadian Maddog Vachon. The second main event pitted Hawaiian Champion Maddog Mayne battling challenger Mil Mascaras of Mexico.

Other single matches on the card included Sam Steamboat vs Beauregard, Billy Robinson vs The Professional, and Curtis Iaukea vs Bobby Shane. The lone tag team match featured Ripper Collins and Dale Lewis going up against Don Muraco and Cowboy Frankie Lane.

Cowboy Frankie Lane and Don Muraco vs Ripper Collins and Dale Lewis

This tag team battle resulted in a win for the team of Don Muraco and Cowboy Frankie Lane.

Dale Lewis applies the Sleeper Hold on local boy Don Muraco.

Frankie Lane stretches to tag partner Don Muraco as Muraco labors to get out of Dale Lewis' Sleeper Hold.

Billy Robinson vs The Professional

The next match was between England's Billy Robinson and The Professional. Robinson managed a victory over the mysterious "Professional."

Billy Robinson hits The Professional with a vicious Drop Kick.

Billy Robinson attempts to apply the Abdominal Stretch on The Professional.

Curtis Iaukea vs Bobby Shane

The next match was between Hawaii's own Curtis Iaukea and the new kid on the block, a young Bobby Shane. The 350 lbs. Iaukea managed a win over youngster Shane.

Iaukea and Shane trade blows while down on the mat.

Maddog Mayne vs Mil Mascaras

The first main event match saw Hawaiian Champion Maddog Mayne defend his belt against the popular Mil Mascaras. Unfortunately, this championship match ended in a draw, keeping the Hawaiian Championship in Maddog Mayne's hands.

Maddog Mayne readies a Kneep Drop onto a downed Mil Mascaras.
March 13, 1971

Mascaras ups the pressure on Mayne's back with his big boot.

Verne Gagne vs Maddog Vachon

The night's main event was for the World's AWA Championship. Champion Verne Gagne successfully defended his title with a win over Maddog Vachon.

Verne Gagne works over a dazed Maddog Vachon in the corner.
March 13, 1971
Classic Matches History Wrestlers Results Collectibles