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Classic Matches

March 8, 1972: World's Championship Match

Photos by George Beppu. Courtesy of Dan Westbrook.

On March 8, 1972, promoter Ed Francis presented a line up of matches topped by a World's Championship Match between Champion Dory Funk Jr. and challenger Handsome Johnny Barend.

SuperStar Billy Graham vs Jackie Carson

One of the opening matches featured SuperStar Billy Graham going against Jackie Carson.

Billy Graham defeated Jackie Carson.

Superstar Billy Graham in the ring.

Graham flexing in ring.

Superstar Billy Graham throws a knee into the head of Jackie Carson.

Sweet Daddy Siki vs Curtis "The Bull" Iaukea

Sweet Daddy Siki defeated Curtis Iaukea.

Sweet Daddy Siki walking to the ring.

Sweet Daddy Siki in ring with referee Nolan Rodrigues.

Sweet Daddy Siki grabs Curtis Iaukea's head.

Sweet Daddy Siki bangs Isukea's head against ring post while Lord Blears tries to stop him.

Sweet Daddy Siki clobbers Iaukea with his mirror.

Ripper Collins vs Maddog Mayne

This match featured the return of Ripper Collins. Collins lost to Mayne in a grudge match last year where the loser had to leave town.

This match ended in a draw.

Ripper Collins has Maddog Mayne on the ropes.

Ripper Collins rearranges Maddog Mayne's nose.

Maddog Mayne pounces on a prone Ripper Colins.

Gene Kiniski vs Ed Francis

This match was for the Hawaiian Championship Belt featuring Champion Gene Kiniski going against challenger Ed Francis.

Gene Kiniski defeated Ed Francis to remain the Hawaiian Champion.

Gene Kiniski in the ring with his Hawaiian Championship Belt.

Kiniski tries to get Ed Francis to submit with a Back Breaker.

The two men battle outside the ring.

Frencis works over Kiniski in the corner.

Ed Francis applies his famous Sleeper Hold on Kiniski.

World Championship Match

The main event was a World Championship Match between challenger Handsome Johnny Barend and World Champion Dory Funk Jr.

Johnny Barend and Dory Funk were disqualified for fighting outside the ring, thus Funk retained his title.

World Champion Dory Funk Jr.

Dory Funk Jr. vs Johnny Barend.

Barend applies a Side Head Lock on Dory Funk Jr.

Johnny Barend Body Slams Funk Jr. as special referee Lord Blears watches.
March 8, 1972

Dory Funk Jr. on the mat after being thrown across the ring by Johnny Barend.

Dory Funk Jr. retains his World Championship belt after both men were disqualified for battling outside the ring.
March 8, 1972
Classic Matches History Wrestlers Results Collectibles