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Classic Matches

February 18, 1970: World's Championship Match

Photos by George Beppu. Courtesy of Dan Westbrook.

On February 18, 1970, promoter Ed Francis presented a wrestling card at the Honolulu International Center featuring 8 matches topped by a World's Championship Match between Champion Dory Funk Jr. and challenger Handsome Johnny Barend.

Missing Link vs Friday Allman

The opening match featured Pampero Firpo aka The Missing Link vs Ripper Collins' gofer Friday (Frankie) Allman.

The Link defeated Allman in the one fall match.

The Missing Link Judo Chops Friday Allman.

Rene Goulet vs Tank Morgan

The second match of the night featured Rene Goulet and Tank Morgan.

Goulet about to bash Morgan with a vicious elbow.

Rene Goulet applies an Arm Lock onto Morgan.

Morgan batters Goulet in the corner.

Hahn Lee vs Harry Fujiwara

The next match was a one fall match between Hahn Lee and Cutis Iaukea's protege Harry Fujiwara, later to become the Infamous Mr. Fuji.

Hahn Lee defeated Harry Fujiwara.

Hahn Lee unleashes a Flying Tackle on Harry Fujiwara.

Pedro Morales vs Pat Patterson

Pat Patterson appeared in a rare singles match against local favorate Pedro Morales.

Morales and Patterson battled to a no contest draw.

Pedro Morales with an arm bar on Pat Patterson.

Morales taunts Patterson after having thrown Pat out of the ring.

Pedro Morales chokes a rope entangled Pat Patterson as referee Pete Peterson readies to step in.

Patterson unleashes his infamous Knee Drop from the top ropes onto Morales.

Tex McKenzie and Don Leo Jonathan vs Bad Boy Shields and Mac McFarlane

The first tag team match of the evening featured the team of Tex McKenzie and Don Leo Jonathan vs the team of Bad Boy Shields and Mac McFarlane.

Shields and McFarlane were victorious over McKenzie and Jonathan.

Referee Wally Tsutsumi lays down the rules to both teams before the match.

Bad Boy Shields aggravates the crowd before the match.

Don Leo with a Reverse Body Lock on McFarlane.

Jonathan about to pound Shield's head from above.

Don Leo Jonathan cranks up the pressure on McFarlane with a Flying Leg Lock.

Shields Knee Drops McKenzie from the top ropes as patner Mac McFarlane looks on.

Bad Boy Shields interferes with Don Leo Jonathan's Back Breaker submission hold on McFarlane.

McFarlane slams Don Leo Jonathan.

Vivian Vachon and Donna Christiantello vs Rita Monroe and Paula Kay

The next event was a women's tage team match featuring Vivian Vachon and Donna Christiantello vs Rita Monroe and Paula Kay.

Vachon and Christiantello defeated Monroe and Kay.

Paula Kay and partner Rita Monroe.

Rita Monroe applies an Arm Lock on Vachon.

Rita Monroe helping partner Paula Kay.

Vivian Vachon acknowledges the crowd.

Paula Kay with an Arm Lock on Vivian Vachon.

World Championship Match

The main event was a World Championship Match between challenger Handsome Johnny Barend and World Champion Dory Funk Jr.

Dory Funk Jr. retained the World Championship when the match ended in a draw with both wrestlers winning a fall.

World Champion Dory Funk Jr. being introduced.

Johnny Barend with a modified Neck Wrench on Funk Jr.

Barend Body Slams Funk Jr.

Funk Jr. with a painful Spinning Toe Hold on Barend.

Referee on the brink of ending the fall with Johnny Barend applying the lethal Boston Crab submission hold on Dory Funk Jr.
October 18, 1967

Barend tries to snatch the World Championship belt as his own.

Dory Funk Jr. leaves the ring with his championship belt having wrestled Johnny Barend to a draw.
May 29, 1968
Classic Matches History Wrestlers Results Collectibles