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Classic Matches

November 27, 1968: World Championship Match

Photos by George Beppu. Courtesy of Dan Westbrook.

On November 27, 1968, promotor Ed Francis presented a "Grand Parade of Champions" night at the Honolulu International Center. The card featured a World's Championship Match where champion Gene Kiniski defeated challenger, and local favorite, Jim Hady. This card also featured a "Grudge Match" where Johnny Barend defeated Nick Bockwinkel due to a disqualification (see below).

Opening matches included Red Bastien over Fred Blassie and Mr.X battled Pat Barrett to a draw. There were 2 tag team matches. The first featured Pepper Gomez and Man Mountain Mike battling Ripper Collins and his partner Luke Graham to a no contest. The second tag match saw Joyce Grable and Princess Little Cloud victorious over Barbara Owens and Betty Boucher. Big Bill Miller battled Giant Baba to a draw in the first semi main event.

Red Bastien vs Fred Blassie

The night's first match saw Red Bastien going against Classy Fred Blassie.

Result: Red Bastien defeated Fred Blassie via disqualification.

Fred Blassie bites Red Bastien.

Red Bastien lands a haymaker on Fred Blassie.

Joyce Grable & Princess Little Cloud
Barbara Owens & Betty Boucher

The night's first tag team match featured the women. Joyce Grable and Princess Little Cloud against Barbara Owens and Betty Boucher.

Result: Joyce Grable and Princess Little Cloud defeated Barbara Owens and Betty Boucher.

Princess Little Cloud signs autographs for the fans.

Referee Pete Peterson has his hands full trying to keep order in the ring.

Betty Boucher has Princess Little Cloud up in the air as Barbara Owens watches from outside the ring.

Nick Bockwinkel vs Johnny Barend

The root of this featured "Grudge Match" started a while back when Nick Bockwinkel's father, Warren Bockwinkel, former World Heavyweight champion, was in town and appeared on KGMB TV wrestling show where he was insulted by Johnny Barend. Several altercations arose from this incident, which finally resulted in the night's "Grudge" match.

Before the start of the match, Barend entered the ring first, followed by his valet Friday Allman, who was carrying a sign that read, "Nick Bockwinkel's father is a Bum." When Nick Bockwinkel saw the sign, he went nuts and attacked both Barend and Friday relentlessly. When referee Wally Tsutsumi tried to stop Bockwinkel, he was hit by Bockwinkel, which led to an immediate disqualification before the match even started. Barend was declared the winner. It took several wrestlers to finally restore order. Bockwinkel was forced to the locker rooms while Barend and Friday lay helplessly in the ring

Result: Johnny Barend defeated Nick Bockwinkel when Bockwinkel was disqualified before the match officially started.

Nick Bockwinkel attacks Barend before the match.

Referee Wally Tsutsumi is injured in the melee.

Several referees and wrestlers help contain the out of control Nick Bockwinkel as Johnny Barend lies helpless across the ropes in the corner.

Jim Hady vs Gene Kiniski

The night's main event was a World's Championship Match between champion Gene Kiniski and challenger Jim Hady, the local favorite.

Result: Gene Kiniski retained his World Championship Belt over Jim Hady by taking two out of three falls.

April 4, 1978

Hady slams Kiniski.

Hady lands a few chops on a stunned Gene Kiniski.

Jim Hady catches Gene Kiniski in a Flying Leg Scissors.

Hady continues the Leg Scissors on the mat..

Jim Hady attempts a pin on Kiniski.
April 4, 1978
Classic Matches History Wrestlers Results Collectibles